Mexican Treefrog
Smilisca baudinii

The Mexican Treefrog (Smilisca baudinii) only occurs in Texas in the southern tip of the state.  South of Texas it has a huge range through most of Mexico and Central America.  It is a very common frog through most of its range.  In the Rio Grande Valley of southern Texas it is usually only seen and heard after rains.

The call of the Mexican Treefrog is a series of musical duck-like quacks.  Here's a single individual calling from a roadside ditch in Cameron County, Texas.

Interspersed with its normal calls, this frog also made a periodic "rattling" call.

Here is a group of Mexican Treefrogs calling from a flooded cattle pen in Cameron County (right next to a busy, noisy road :-()

© Chris Harrison 2012

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