Vaillant's Frog
Lithobates vaillanti

Vaillant's Frog (Lithobates vaillanti) is a fairly plain, medium size species of Ranid Frog that is widespread in the lowlands of Central America and northwestern South America.  It is generally brown or greenish in color with prominent dorsolateral ridges.

These frogs were recorded in the marshy grasslands east of CaƱo Negro, Costa Rica.  When I first heard them, I thought the "gurgling" sound was the sound of water rushing through a drainage culvert under the road.  It wasn't until I walked over to the area that I saw the group of Vaillant's Frogs in the marsh.

Vaillant's Frog calls

The higher pitched metallic "dripping" sounds in the background are the Sabinal Frog (Leptodactylus melanonotus).

© Chris Harrison 2014

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