Staffer's Treefrog
Scinax staufferi

Stauffer's Treefrog (Scinax staufferi) is a common small frog over much of Eastern Mexico down through central America to northern Costa Rica.  They are usually brown in overall all color and may have a pattern of darker brown spots.   Like other Scinax, they have rather elongate bodies and a relatively pointed nose.

They call from the grassy edges of ponds and flooded ditches.
The call of Stauffer's Treefrog is a short rasping buzz.  Here's a recording from east-central Campeche, Mexico.

Scinax staufferi calls

Looking at the spectrogram for a few calls we can see that the buzzy call is level in pitch and has two major dominant frequencies.  We can also see how the two frogs calling here alternate the pitch of their calls to stand out from their neighbors.

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