Antillean White-lipped Frog
Leptodactylus albilabris

Antillean White-lipped Frog (Leptodactylus albilabris) is a common frog of the lowlands of Puerto Rico an the Virgin Islands.

Antillean White-lipped Frog (Leptodactylus albilabris)
They are commonly heard calling from dense grassy areas after heavy rains.  Their call is a rapid "pip-pip-pip" repeated over and over again.  They generally call from underneath tangles of grass and vegetation.  The individual above was photographed after being carefully dug out of the dense tangle of grasses where he was calling.

Here is a series of the rapid "pip" calls from the southern slopes of El Yunque on the main island of Puerto Rico.  These are the calls of the frog shown in the photo above.

This frog would occasionally interject his almost incessant "pip-pip" calls with a faster trill of "pips".

Here is a large chorus of Antillean White-lipped Frogs calling from Isla Culebra, Puerto Rico.

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