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As I add more and more posts and recordings to my blog, it is getting increasingly complex.  I haven't figured out all the ways to organize my posts just yet, so I thought I better put together a sort of "user's guide" to help people navigate.

At the top of the blog you will see a few links to specific posts or categories.  Clicking those links obviously takes you to the post or posts about that category.

On the right side of the screen is a long list of my post labels (i.e. subjects of each post).  They are grouped by several ways:

By Country - these links will take you to recordings of species from that country where they occur.  Some of the recordings may not have been made in that actual country, but the species occurs there.

By Common Name - all the entries for a particular species are linked here by common name.  The names are written "backwards" to make them easier to find, e.g. Gulf Coast Toad is listed as Toad - Gulf Coast.  Several species are cross-listed by more than one "arrangement" of their common name.  So Spotted Chorus Frog is listed under "Frog - Spotted Chorus" and "Chorus Frog - Spotted".  Some species are listed under more than one name, e.g. Marine Toad = Cane Toad.  Any of these crosslisted links takes you to the same group of posts.

By Scientific Name - Taxonomic names are listed in alphabetical order by genus.

Species that are similar in appearance or call are listed together in comparative posts under Confusing Species.

There may be multiple posts for each species.  The oldest is usually my introductory post on a species and I tend to add new posts as I learn more or experience more about these individual taxa.  You may also see extra posts comparing species to each other.

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  1. Hi Chris, Can you contact me at I know it's a frog blog but I am a birder and I have a question about your Avisys lists. I can't find another way to contact you. Thanks, Sally