Green Toads
Anaxyrus debilis
Kinney County, Texas

On the evening of June 20, 2014 I drove out to Kinney County to record some frogs.  It had rained over 10 inches south of the town of Brackettville the previous evening so I thought that might be a good place for recording.  Unfortunately, the roads were closed due to flooding of low water crossings so I ended up driving north out of town where they had "only" received 2-3 inches of rain.
The standard amphibian species were calling up a storm, but I was most excited to finally get a decent photo and recording of the delightful Green Toad (Anaxyrus debilis).   These beautiful and diminutive little toads are not rare, but I had never been able to find them calling where I could get close to them before.  Here I found some at a flooded creek crossing along the road.

Here's the little Pavarotti in action

and here's his song.

© Chris Harrison 2014

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