Great Plains Toad
Anaxyrus cognatus

Great Plains Toad (Anaxyrus cognatus)
Carson County, Texas

The Great Plains Toad (Anaxyrus cognatus) is a close relative of the Texas Toad (Anaxyrus speciosus) and so they both look and sound very similar.

This chorus was recorded in Pima County, Arizona after some heavy rains in the preceding days.  This species has a very loud call and a chorus can be deafening up close.  

Anaxyrus cognatus recording mp3

It can be uncomfortably loud to stand within a chorus of these toads. These were recorded from over 50 meters away.  Years ago I made the mistake of trying to photograph a single calling male from a roadside ditch.  I slowly crept over to where the toad had been calling (it stopped when I approached) and crouched down where I thought the toad was and waited in the dark with my camera.  I had unknowingly crouched right over/in front of the toad and when it called again a few minutes later, it literally made me jump back and my ears were ringing for a few seconds afterwards.  It was quite painful!

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