Sipurio Snouted Treefrog
Scinax elaeochroa

The Sipurio Snouted Treefrog (Scinax elaeochroa) is a small yellow treefrog found in the lowlands of southern Nicaragua through Costa Rica into northern Panama. These individuals were photographed and recorded in the Caño Negro region of northern Costa Rica.

Their call is a rather grating, upward slurred "braaak".  It is hard to describe in words, but in the field it is almost "duck-like".  

They call from wet grasslands and from low bushes over ponds and flooded areas.  These were calling from beside a road through an extensive grassland area east of Caño Negro, Costa Rica.

Scinax elaeochroa call

The spectrogram for this call shows the rough, upward slurred "braaak" of four of these calls.

Here's a large chorus of Scinax from the same area.

Scinax elaeochroa chorus

You can see mosquitoes feeding on the snout of these little performers in the photos.  Unfortunately, putting the flashilight on the little guys gave the mosquitoes a better target so I tried not to put the flashlight on them for more than a few seconds.  The mosquitoes were also ravaging me.

© Chris Harrison 2014

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