Southern Gulf Coast Toad
Incilius valliceps

The Southern Gulf Coast Toad (Incilius valliceps) gets its common name from its distribution in the lowlands around the southern edge of the Gulf of Mexico and Yucatan Peninsula.  However, the species extends south well beyond the Gulf Coast into the lowlands of Central America to northern Costa Rica.  This individual was photographed and recorded at that southernmost end of its range in northern Costa Rica.

The call of this species is a long, whistled trill

Incilius valliceps call

There is sometimes confusion about "Gulf Coast Toads" and the name Incilius (Bufo) valliceps as this name used to be applied to toads from the United States  down to Costa Rica.  Subsequent research has shown that the toads of Central America and southern Mexico are the true Incilius valliceps white the more familiar northern populations in the US and northeast Mexico are correctly known as Incilius nebulifer.   The toads look very similar and their calls are similar.  

Many US field guides and other resources still incorrectly refer to the northern population as Incilius valliceps.

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