A Costa Rican "Mexican" Treefrog
Smilisca baudinii

My previous recordings of the Mexican Treefrog (Smilisca baudinii) were made in south Texas at the very northern edge of its range.  Here's another individual calling, but this time from the opposite edge of its range in northern Costa Rica.

This Mexican Treefrog was calling from a puddle created by the tire treads of a logging truck that had been clearing some trees from a riparian woodland  around CaƱo Negro, Costa Rica.

As common as Smilisca baudinii is and as many as I have seen and heard from throughout their range, I have never managed to get a photo of one calling.  It seems they are shy performers.

In order to get this recording, after taking this photo I had to go back to the car on the opposite side of the street and sit for almost five minutes with all the lights out (feeding relentless mosquitoes) until he gave another quick serenade.

Smilisca baudinii call

© Chris Harrison 2014

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