Common Mist Frog
Litoria rheocola

The Common Mist Frog or Creek Frog (Litoria rheocola) is a small hylid from that is restricted to wet tropical areas of northeastern Queensland.  The common names come from its habitat of living along rocky streams, rapids and near waterfalls within its tropical forest home.  These individuals were recorded and photographed along a rocky forested river running through an area of sugar cane fields near Miallo, Queensland.
The frogs were seen calling both from rocks within the stream and from low vegetation overhanging the river.  These frogs were abundant along this stream on this particular night.

The call of this species is a repeated dry "crrriii-iick" that lasts approximately 1/3 second and is repeated approximately 1-2 times per second.  It is a buzzy call with its dominant frequencies between 2khz and 3.3khz.

Here is the individual in the top photo calling from some streamside vegetation.

© Chris Harrison 2014

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