The Australian White-lipped Treefrog
Litoria infrafrenata

The Australian White-lipped Treefrog or Australian Giant Treefrog (Litoria infrafrenata) is a large hylid from of the tropical areas of northeastern Australia. It is fairly widespread in its range and I have found it in a variety of wooded areas and even sugar cane fields. 

The individual in the above photograph was calling from a small flooded ditch alongside a road just east of Lake Mitchell in Queensland.  Its call is a loud two-part "too-dook" that carries for considerable distance.  Here is his call - 

Here is a large chorus calling from a pond in a small zoo area in Port Douglas. The sound could be heard well down the street on any damp/wet night.

In this recording of a chorus from north of Mount Molloy, Queensland, you can hear the percussive nature of their calls.  To my ear, the sound is remniscent of a pneumatic nail-gun being used by a roofing crew in the distance.

© Chris Harrison 2014

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