Australian Rain Frog
Austrochaperina pluvialis

The Australian Rain Frog (Austrochaperina pluvialis) is a small microhylid frog found in the rainforests of northeastern Queensland.  It is a very small brown frog with a pointed nose and white stripe running along the edge of the edge of the snout to above the eye.  Because of this, it is also known as the White-browed Whistling-frog or White-browed Chirper.

The call is a rapid metallic trill lasting about one second.  There are around 20 trills in that second.  The dominant (carrier) frequency is around 3kHz.

These Rain Frogs were recorded in the mountain pass between Mossman and Jullatten after a rainy afternoon.

Although I was able to get quite close to this frog, I never could find it or any others to photograph. This individual was calling from some dense vegetation on the roadcut going through the mountains.

© Chris Harrison 2014

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