Bumpy Rocketfrog
Litoria inermis

The Bumpy Rocketfrog (Litoria inermis) is a small hylid from from the northeastern part of Australia.  This individual was photographed just east of Lake Mitchell in tropical north Queensland.

The call has been described as a nasal "wiiii" that can almost sound like a beep.  The evening I recorded these frogs, I described it in my notes as more of a nasal "meowp" sound.

In this recording you hear the individual in the photograph above calling.  Interestingly, he was calling at least 10 meters from the edge of a small pond in an open woodland.  Of all the L. inermis I heard, none was calling from the water itself.  (The laughing trill heard in the background is Litoria rothii).

Litoria inermis call

© Chris Harrison 2014

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